This is who we are. This is the Saint Ambrose Way.

At Saint Ambrose, we proudly live the truth of the Gospel and our Catholic tradition and teachings – growing in faith through joyful worship, active service to our neighbors, and supporting each other as we humbly strive toward reflecting Christ in our lives.

All are invited into the Saint Ambrose family. We hope you will find your home here. As a parishioner or visitor, you are personally welcomed, respected and cherished for who you are as a reflection of God’s own image.

Although large in size, we are intimate in spirit and engagement. We embrace open, authentic exchanges that broaden our understanding and bring us closer together. We encourage connection through ministry, programs and service, and individual faith journeys intersecting in moments of education, spiritual formation and Sacramental celebration.

A deeper relationship with Jesus is a gift we want for everyone. Through our many small groups, education programs and outreach opportunities, every member can foster their unique connection with Christ. As a community, we further this calling to Christ through our children – strengthening their beliefs and preparing them for Christian adulthood.


We at Saint Ambrose are a vibrant Catholic community supporting and nurturing each person on their journey with Christ. Through joyful worship, service to each other and our neighbors, and on-going opportunities to learn and live in Christ, we support each member as they seek to deepen their relationship with Jesus.


As a thriving Catholic family, we create meaningful impact within and around our community with each individual and collective action. By supporting those in need, sharing Christ in our everyday actions, or raising virtuous children, each of us can help others come to know Jesus as the Way, the Truth and the Life.

As a vibrant Catholic community, we at Saint Ambrose…

Worship in Joyful Communion
• Providing inspiring liturgical experiences
• Inviting broad participation in Mass and adoration
• Creating communal connections that nurture a spirit of love
• Forming Catholics with a greater understanding of Mass

Nurture Individual Growth
• Providing faith development opportunities for all ages
• Encouraging mercy in relationships
• Modeling examples of an active prayer life
• Challenging to evangelize as disciples of Christ

Serve as the Hands and Feet of Jesus
• Encouraging engagement in acts of service
• Finding purpose in connection to others
• Creating opportunities to unite as many parts of one body
• Supporting all to identify and share their gifts with others.

Baccalaureate Mass for graduating high school seniors: Sunday, June 16th at 1100 Mass.
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