A beautiful day at the Cathedral on Thursday, May 4th, 2023!
Congratulations to our confirmation students!

The Confirmation program is a two-year process usually beginning the fall of the 9th grade year with celebration of the sacrament in the spring of the second year (10th grade). The program contains both student and adult/student learning activities/sessions.

This program clearly presents the central and defining characteristics of Catholicism and invites opportunities for service, reflection, and parish involvement and support.

WhoGrades 9 through 11 who seek to be Confirmed.

 Participation Requirements:

  • A full year in a Faith Formation program or Catholic school is required prior to participating in the Confirmation process.
  • Small groups meet approximately once a month.
  • Monthly Sunday large group gatherings (PREMIER Sunday) for Year I & II.
  • Attending a NET Retreat for Year I and a weekend Retreat for Year II.
  • Individual and group service experiences ongoing throughout both Year I and Year II.

Cost:   $100.00 per year

Year 1 Confirmation 2022-23 Dates ListDownload
Year 2 Confirmation 2022-23 Dates ListDownload

For more information, please contact:

David Flynn
[email protected]

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