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I would like to take a moment to check in with you about our shared financial mission at Saint Ambrose.

Last November, we sent out stewardship pledges to all Saint Ambrose parishioners. It is my conviction – borne from faith and experience – that we need support from all of our parish families to serve God as a community in the strongest way. Indeed, one of the greatest indicators of a healthy and thriving parish is the percentage of households contributing financially, in addition to the gift of their time and talents. The commitment to that pledge affords us the opportunity to be intentional and strategic about our ministries.

We would like to offer you an opportunity to pledge or give something to support Saint Ambrose. One aspect of membership in a parish community is supporting what you believe in and that will help our parish to grow and be of service to others. We will walk together in faith and deepen relationships with one another, following Jesus each day with loving trust. It is my hope that we will be an inviting and welcoming faith community, where all belong and all are challenged to grow. You will find a pledge form and automatic withdrawal form below. Please prayerfully consider what you might be able to give to our parish. If you have any questions, please contact Tom Schisler, Director of Stewardship & Advancement at 651.768.3016.

All financial contributions make such a difference. You may be surprised at how beginning with a small gift strengthens your connection to Saint Ambrose. It is truly an investment in our day-to-day work and future. I encourage you to take some time to reflect on the financial gifts God has provided to you and determine how you can share your resources to support others throughout our parish. This will make it possible to support the needs of Saint Ambrose in worship, education, and outreach. Saint Ambrose not only reaches our parish community, but those outside our community as well.

Be assured of my prayers.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Father Peter Williams

There are several ways to donate

Envelope System

Many parishioners prefer to use weekly envelopes. These envelopes are sent automatically to your home on a quarterly basis direct from Church Budget Envelope Company. If you would prefer to use another form of payment or just don’t want the envelopes, please contact us so that we can keep costs low and save paper too!

Electronic Fund Transfer

EFT is one way to make contributions consistent, no hassle with filling out a check along with saving a tree! No paper envelopes, it is very easy! The program is available to all parishioners for your stewardship giving as well as our building fund. Withdrawals are taken on the 2nd of the month, the 18th of the month or the 2nd & 18th of the month. The automatic withdrawal form is below. You may mail it back to the parish office, bring it direct to the parish office or drop it in the Sunday collection.

Credit Card Option

You will be safely redirected to WeShare to donate by credit card. This includes Sunday stewardship, our building fund (mortgage debt) and other special collections. If you have questions on your account, please call WeShare directly at 1.877.316.0260.

Credit Card Donations:

Stock Options


We appreciate all stock donations, if you are interested in donating stock or a QCD (Qualified Charitable Distribution) from your IRA, we have account information available for your advisor.  Please contact Tom Schisler at 651.768.3016. Thank you!

Matthew Lasure
Business Administrator
[email protected]

Tom Schisler
Director of Stewardship & Advancement
[email protected]


Faith Formation registration for 2024-2025 is open! We ask all families to register by Monday, August 19. A $30 late fee will be added beginning Tuesday, August 20.Click here to register your family
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