Welcome to Edge, our ministry at Saint Ambrose for 6th – 8th graders!

Middle school is an interesting time, and can be awkward for some, tumultuous for others, and for most it is just hard, plain and simple. 6th graders are being exposed to things in this world that five years ago, high school students didn’t have to face. Middle school students are searching for Truth, and they will latch on to anything that gives them answers. That’s where the Church comes in. If we don’t introduce them to Jesus Christ, who is Truth, they will find and believe false truth everywhere else in their lives.


Edge: Middle School Youth Ministry that works. We offer:

  • Extreme Faith Nights
  • Extreme Faith Camp
  • Discipleship Groups
  • Lifeline

To learn more about the Middle School Edge program, please contact:

Brianna St. Amour
[email protected]

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