Encounter Healing Prayer Ministry


As individuals our call to action is to seek the heart of the Father for us.  Fr. Peter has shared a similar sentiment; “When the Lord brings things up within us, those things are areas that want to be loved.” 

When we feel lost, alone, unloved, stuck, or find ourselves wanting to experience more of the presence of the Lord, it is then that we should reach out and set up a time to be prayed with.  

About Encounter Healing Prayer Ministry

The Encounter Healing Prayer Ministry was born out of a place of a team of people coming together out of the recognition of our own need for healing of our woundedness and wanting freedom to walk in the true identity that the Lord intended us to operate out of. 

We have teams of two who are gifted with the charism of praying with others, available to pray with people for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. Our teams are currently available once per month, between Sunday morning masses (9:45-11:00 am), for parishioners to come for prayer. On these days, there is no need to sign up, just come to the Saint Francis of Assisi Adoration Chapel. There may be a small wait, but a team will be available to pray with you. 

These sessions typically last between 5-15 minutes. During these prayer sessions, we focus on inviting the Holy Spirits’ presence to lead and guide the recipient to a place of peace and freedom. 

Upcoming Encounter Healing Prayer Dates:

  • Sunday, April 14th
  • Sunday, May 4th

Fruits of Encounter Healing Prayer Ministry

Some of the fruits that we’ve seen for individuals are freedom from pain both physical and emotional; people who walked in fear/anxiety/anger and physical pain have found relief, peace, freedom, and confidence as they recognize their true identity of chosen, beloved daughters and sons of a loving Triune God.  For the parish we have had many people comment on just how needed this ministry is and frankly we are grateful that Saint Ambrose is a community that is willing to “normalize” healing prayer because each and every one of us are in need of more of Christ’s love; which is ultimate healing. As a ministry team we count ourselves among the blessed to be given the opportunity to meet people in their woundedness and carry them to the heart of Jesus.

Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more, would like to set up a more private and in-depth prayer session, or would like to schedule an alternative time to pray, please contact us at [email protected].

Baccalaureate Mass for graduating high school seniors: Sunday, June 16th at 1100 Mass.
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